Sewer Pipe Liners

Expert Technicians at Eric’s Plumbing are ready to help. Responsive. Reliable. Trusted.
Expert Technicians at Eric’s Plumbing are ready to help. Responsive. Reliable. Trusted.

What is a Sewer Pipe Liner? Also called CIPP or Cured In Place Pipe

A pipe liner is a is a minimally invasive method to replace a bad sewer line.

A heavy fabric pipe is filled with resin (resin not epoxy in our case) ran through a press specifically calibrated to saturate the liner and then installed through the old sewer pipe. The liner is then expanded with an air bladder to the size of the pipe and cured in place making it harder than a typical replaced new pipe. It effectively seals out roots extends the life of your sewer line by 50 years.

Sewer Pipe Liners

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We care about you and want to help assist you in all your plumbing needs.

Am I a good candidate for a sewer liner?

If you are experiencing any of these issues:

  • Cracking, fracturing, or corrosion of pipes
  • Breaking due to environmental stresses (soil shifts, temperature changes)
  • Poorly installed lateral pipe joints
  • Root intrusions
  • Missing sections of pipe

You may benefit from a sewer liner!

What does not make for a good candidate for a sewer liner?

  • A sewer line that has a belly in it
  • A major break or crushed pipe
  • Large offsets between 2 joints
  • Badly Egged pipe (no longer round)
  • Too many turns (though we can line through multiple turns)

Sewer Pipe Lining

Are all sewer liners the same?

While there are only a handful of plumbing contractors offering sewer pipe lining (CIPP) in Utah County and the Wasatch Front, they have several options to choose from when selecting the right product.
A few of those have to do with how the liner is cured. 95% of companies use steam, hot water, or ambient curing methods (all good methods by the way). Those use a 2part epoxy that when mixed, immediately starts curing. Once it is set in place the result is unknown until after it is cured and then inspected with a camera!

As the owner of Eric’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning I was very intrigued by this sewer liner thing. I had seen it successfully applied AND I saw some failures as well. I felt those failures could have been prevented. I thought there should be a way to inspect the liner before it started curing. After thorough research I found the product that best suited me and my customers.

What sewer lining system is best for my home?

A UV curing system called Bluelight by hammerhead. Since it does not use a 2 part epoxy but a single resin, it will only be cured in light or with our Bluelight LED system.

This allows my team to have less pressure and unlimited working time if a problem arises. It also allows us to examine the liner before the curing process starts with the camera that is built into the head of the Bluelight, resulting in an inspected line before it is too late. Less issues for us and less unexpected problems for you, the home owner. It is a win win. Not only that, but cure time is 4 times faster than some of the other methods mentioned. Peace of mind knowing that when water starts flowing down the new sewer line (same day) it is fully cured 100%.

What are the benefits of our UV cured CIPP?

Sewer Pipe Lining

  • It can be used with any pipe material including Clay, Cast iron, PVC, ABS, Asbestos, Orangeburg, and Concrete.
  • Alleviates the time pressure of other CIPP systems.
  • “No trenching needed”.
  • Made to last 50 years (just like new pipe)
  • Installed in a fraction of the time. 5xfaster.
  • A proven solution..

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If you have complicated landscaping a sewer line under a slab or under a road which can cause unwanted expense with a dig-up, or your line needs to be replaced for any of the above reasons, Call Your Personal Plumbers at Eric’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning so we can evaluate your sewer replacement and give you options.